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Dr. Bill and Marsha McCoy are two people impacted by the science program at PLNU. Watch their story.

The Project

For more than a century, the university has built a legacy of strong academics, faith, and service. The sciences at PLNU are no different.

The Campaign for the Sciences will provide our campus community with a much-needed new facility that better reflects the quality of our faculty and students. Since the 1970s, we have done much with less. We have developed exceptional science programs using outdated and overcrowded facilities.

The 32,900 square foot building, at the center of PLNU’s beautiful campus, will include 13 advanced labs for biology, chemistry, and anatomy and four modern classrooms. The building will be a place where the spark of scientific inquiry and the spirit of service will be nurtured while students and faculty work together to reveal answers and propose new questions to further scientific achievement.

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The science program may fall behind. Learn more about the current facility.

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A Superb Facility for a Superior Future

- 32,900 square-foot facility on two levels
- 18 advanced labs and work rooms devoted to chemistry, biology, and anatomy
- 4 new lecture rooms accommodating a total of 280 students
- Preparation and storage space cluster for maximum accessibility and use, easing lab prep time for faculty and increasing interaction with students
- Capacity for new instructional techniques, flexible labs, new media, and distance learning
- Ability to more effectively configure existing equipment, expand instrumentation space, and provide for acquisition for new equipment, to enhance student learning and research opportunities
- Outdoor decks and terraces to provide all students new space in the heart of campus for conversations, collaborations, and peer-to-peer learning across academic disciplines

Make a difference in the lives of PLNU students now and in the future.

Broken Hearts, Medical Healing

"The science program at PLNU was a critical part of my development. Until then, I was really searching for what it means to lead a truly Christian life."

- Dr. Kirk Milhoan, Pediatric Cardiologist, PLNU Alumnus

Project Updates

Significant Jump Toward PLNU’s Goal

At the end of April, Dr. Brower spent a weekend, with several friends of PLNU, sharing his vision for the university and the importance of constructing a new science building.   From those conversations, PLNU received $2,211,333 toward completion of the new science building.  This is the second largest amount contributed to the campaign from a […]

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PLNU Breaks Ground on New Science Building!

Twenty years in the making, a vision became a reality on Thursday, May 8th, as Point Loma Nazarene University (PLNU) broke ground on the long awaited science complex on the Point Loma campus. University President, Dr. Bob Brower, was joined by members of the PLNU Board of Trustees, faculty, students, alumni, donors and community leaders […]

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A Feature Wall Merging Science and Faith

The new science building has been designed by San Diego based architectural firm Carrier Johnson + Culture who have an international reputation for excellence. They are known for designing projects that have appealing form but also provoke creative thought using space, both of which the new science facility at PLNU will achieve. As can be […]

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Make a difference in the lives of PLNU students now and in the future.

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